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GPS TRACKER GPT26 standby 1 Month/Rechargable

GPT26 1 MONTH standby GPS Tracker


  ■ Supports quad bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.
  ■ GPS / LBS Double locating mode , support A-GPS
  ■ Usually LBS working, GPS can be enable when needed (automatically closed after 6 hours)
  ■ Built-in 7000mAh High-capacity battery, The longest standby for a month (LBS status)
  ■ Strong magnetic force,can be adsorped on iron
  ■ Military grade three anti-performance, waterproof to IP67
  ■ Keelin Tracking Service Platform, Keelin APP Client, SMS query
  ■ Support EELINK protocol, can be integrated to any platform of the customer's
  ■ OTA upgrade firmware.

  ■ Real-Time Tracking
  ■ History Route Play Back
  ■ Vibration Alarm
  ■ SOS Alarm
  ■ Speed Alarm
  ■ Geo-fence Alarm
  ■ Low Battery Alarm
GPT26 1 MONTH standby GPS Tracker
GPT26 1 MONTH standby GPS Tracker
GPT26 1 MONTH standby GPS Tracker
GPT26 1 MONTH standby GPS Tracker

Keelin terminal monitoring platform is designed by EELINK, we can track, playback the device on the platform server.


WEB platform


WEB PLATFORM:    WEB Platform Manual


 3.7  VDC

Work Current

 <30 mA

Standby Current

 <15 uA

GPS Accuracy

 5-15m (Depend GPS signal)

LBS  Accuracy

About 200m (Depending on density of base stations)

GPS Frequency


GSM Frequency


Hot/warm/cold Start


Battery Capacity

 7000 mAh

Dimensions (mm)

 108.5(L) × 66.5(W) × 22.4(H)

Work Temperature


Work Humidity

 20%~80% RH


 180 g

IP Level  IP67


Application Scenarios:

  • GPT26 is an one-month standby GPS tracking device, which battery can last longest for 1 month. It can be applied to asset monitoring, car rental, vehicle loan, VAL reserve and transportation, heavy machinery lease, Zoology breeding, automotive security, and special items' monitoring and controlling, etc.

    It's rechargable ,military grade three anti-performance, easy to be hidden, with real time tracking. These characters bring security for your assets

    Typical application: logistics enterprise, fleet management, bus management, insurance companies,power companies, oil companies, communication companies, taxi companies, car sales, car rental companies, car owners, the small and medium-sized enterprise team, vehicle maintenance , automotive research personnel, the individual owners



Be adsorped on iron