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Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Solutions For Business Applicatio

Author: admin Added time: 2017-08-12 10:08 Source: EELINK
Fleet Management Tracking Systems: 
Our GPS locators allow businesses to view company vehicles in real-time while also giving fleet managers lifetime access to historical GPS tracking data. Providing relevant information, such as real time location, history route, mileage driven, speeds driven, speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm and more. Users can easily manage a small or large number of company vehicles all through our user-friendly, online tracking system on Google map. Real-time GPS tracking data can be accessed remotely using Android, iOS mobile device with GSM/ GPRS cellular communication network connection.
Boost Employee / Vehicle Efficiency: 
By utilizing a fleet management upon GPS tracking devices, businesses large or small with company vehicles can evaluate employee driving activity, eliminate driving behaviors such as excessive speed that can hurt automotive maintenance, customer service and company profit. GPS Tracker can help to know if company vehicles are being misused, the shortest routes are being selected or if employee time sheets are being manipulated. With various asset monitoring and fleet tracking devices designed for commercial vehicles, let our team of proficient GPS experts take your company to the next level of efficiency with GPS tracking!
Anti Theft Security: 
Vehicle tracking system can protect all of your companies mobile assets. Monitor business vehicles 24/7 and be alerted if any automobiles are moved without authorization or are stolen. Easy to set Geo-fences will allow businesses to create safe zones that will send text message notifications if a vehicle moves outside the programmed safety zones. Don’t let your business operations be slowed down by theft! With GPS trackers securing your company vehicles, automobile theft will be a thing of the past!