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TK119-3G car GPS tracker with WCDMA / GSM network

Author: admin Added time: 2017-04-14 14:53 Source: 未知
Welcome to use this wired type 3G WCDMA GPS tracker. This tracker is built-in WCDMA/GSM, GPS module, that designed with many new and unique features, such as super saving power technology, LBS locate technology, real time uploading location to the server, history route playing back for 90days on website or APP mobile phone. This tracker is mini size, easy to use.It is suitable for individual vehicles, fleet management, logistic distribution, school bus, public transportation,rental car, loan car, insurance industry.
Multiple alarms can promptly alert the vehicle owners to view, monitor, control the status of vehicles.
---Low battery alarm, power disconnect alarm.
----Remotely cut off oil
Using the relay can remotely cut off the engine to stop the vehicle.
---Shift alarm
In case the car is towed away without consent, shift alarm will push message on APP & WEB.
---Speed alarm
If teens drive with high speed, speed alarm will be send to you.
---Geo-fence alarm
Geo-fence alarm can notify the entry or exist of the vehicle.
Tracking platform service in terms of website, Android / iOS APP, SMS enable user to view the status of vehicle of real time location, history route records for 90days. Various alarms, working mode and others can be set on website & APP. User register on the APP with tracker ID, user email ID and other information. “DEMO” can help user quickly to know how to use the tracking platform.
3G network runs faster than GSM network, more and more customer choose to use 3G GPS tracker nowadays. Come here, we can offer you the best solution and cost-effective GPS tracker for the security and safety of your vehicle.