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3G GPS Tracker available for WCDMA network

Author: admin Added time: 2017-03-15 10:13 Source: 未知
3G GPS Tracking device will become more and more popular for today’s business, especially in the countries where 2G network will be shut,such as United Stats, Canada,Australia.

With the development of 4G communication network in human society, more carriers gradually to close GSM and CDMA(2G) network. Many of network operators definitely regard 2017 year as the year time to shut GSM network reported by IDG news agency. 3G GPS tracker will take a great market share in business, such as car dealers, car service shop, fleet management, insurance company, car rental company, motor and electric bike etc.

We sort out two EELINK 3G GPS Tracker for 3G network, which already has become more popular.

TK119-3G GPS vehicle tracker with multi-function.It give you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking,ideal for fleet tracking and management. TK119-3G feature ACC status detect,Geo-fence alarm, over speed alarm,disconnect power alarm etc.

GPT06-3G portable GPS tracker is high competitive,cost-effective for the security of vehicle/employee/asset with WCDMA network.It offer precise real time tracking,including position, route.It support SOS for emergency, Geo-fence alarm, low battery alarm, speed alarm. Multiple alarms enable you react immediately.

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