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Why do the GPS tracker need to plug in SIM card?

Author: admin Added time: 2017-01-18 10:17 Source: 未知
When customers consult us the information about GPS tracker, many of them don’t know why GPS tracker need to use SIM card,each manufacturer need to install one piece SIM card like the mobile phone.What is the function of SIM card?
It starts from the GPS principle. GPS trackers calculate the latitude and longitude after the device receives satellite signals,then it transmits data to the server by GSM/GPRS wireless communication network.The server analyze the specific data and present through mobile phone APP and the web page of computer.
That means SIM card is aimed for data transmission.
Some suppliers advocate that their tracker is without SIM card.They are stealing the concept. They directly solder the SIM to main body of the device in fact.This makes the customer think that they don’t need to plug in the SIM card.